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Wildlife Trade and Entertainment

Wildlife Trade

Since 2004, JGI-Nepal (formally R&S) has played a large role in the global effort to curb the trafficking of animals and their parts for trade and entertainment. As a member of the Wildlife Crime Control Network, Under the District Forrest Office, the JGI-Nepal team has rescued and confiscated over 30,000 exotic and endemic birds from trade, 2600 snakes; 300 of which were of the endangered python species, as well as a myriad of large cats, bears, ungulates, and crocodiles to name a few.

Nepal serves as a major transient hub for the illegal trafficking of wildlife and their parts. Much of the demand coming from China as well as the West, channels millions of dollars annually into the country, driving corruption and defiance of the law within a country of political instability.

Snake Charming, popular in Nepal, holds religious and cultural significance. In the central regions of the country, JGI-Nepal performed undercover interventions, confiscating thousands of snakes. The cobras and pythons are typically found in mangled conditions filled with tumors, dehydrated, undernourished, and defanged mouths glued and laced shut.

At Present, JGI-Nepal’s wildlife clinic works tirelessly to rehabilitate and reintroduce the snakes back into their natural habitat alongside caring for the myriad of other species that pass through the doors on a daily basis.

For more information and to support the JGI-Nepal’s team in curbing the illegal trafficking of wildlife and the rehabilitation clinic, please contact

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